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A. JOHN NICHOLSON, born about 1620; died 1694. Yeoman, of Slapestone. He left 20s. ?for use in the poor stock of Irton? and also 10s. ?to poor widdows and the needfullest poore of Irton at my funerall? and ?to mend the highways between here and Stanton Bridge 1s.6d. His personality being valued at 139 6s. 8d.? Married about 1640, at Muncaster, Elizabeth Beeby, daughter of Richard and Ellen Beeby, of the Parsonage, Irton (she was born about 1620 and died 7 Mar.1699 at Burnbooth in Irton; buried 7 Mar.1699 at Irton). Elizabeth left to her daughter Jane Caddy her ?best coate and weastcoat in full satisfaction of her fillial part,? and to her grandson John Nicholson 10s. ?on condition that my son John Nicholson and his son John doe promise, suffer and leave at liberty to my son Henry Nicholson to goe and come thro? their grounds at Slapstones when he hath occasion to go and use to and from Morthwaite durringe his natural life? (From Rev?d C. Moor DD ?The Old Statesmen families of Irton, Cumberland?). Issue:
    2a. JOHN, buried 8 May 1718 at Irton. Yeoman, of Sleepstones, Irton. Married 15 Jun.
          1682, at Lazonby, Jane Sowerby (she died 1737). Issue:
        3a. JOHN, born about 1683; baptized 1683 at Lazonby; died May 1728. Of 
              Sleepstones,  Irton. In his Will he left to his son John 'all my cubards, great,
              dressers that I have in both houses, and two tables and frames to them, and
              two chists standing where I doe lay, and one bedstead standing in the low
              chamber, and one bedstead standing in my mother's loft, and one bedstead
              standing in the siter where I doe day, and all the husbandry geare and one
              two year old colt, and one bedding and cloths to furnish a bed with, and all the
              sheep that belong to Sleepstones ground, all in full satisfaction of fillial part of
              my estate. Total personality 85 15s. 6d.' Married Elizabeth -----. Issue:
          4a. JOHN, buried 3 Sep.1737 at Irton. A pauper.
          4b. JANE, baptized 21 Feb.1702 at Irton. Married 1725 Henry Bragg, having six
        3b. ISAAC.
    2b. NICHOLAS, born about 1665; buried 21 Aug.1749 at Irton. Of Burnbooth;
          Yeoman. Married 7 Oct.1690, at Irton, Sarah Steele (she was born about 1670
          and died 1721 at Slapthwaite), daughter of Edward Steele of Slapthwaite. Issue:
        3a. ELIZABETH, baptized 1689 at Irton; died 1763. Married William Moscrop (he
              died 1762), son of Clement and Abigail Moscrop, of High Prior Scales. No issue.
        3b. JOHN, baptised 26 Jun.1691 at Irton; died 1 Mar.1771; buried 4 Mar.1771 at
              Egremont. Of Burnbooth; later a Tanner, of Egremont. Married 15 Oct.1717, at
              Irton, Allis Hunter (she was baptized 30 Aug.1691 at Irton and died 28 
              Apr.1771 at Egremont), daughter of John Hunter and Janie (nee Eilbeck).
              Issue: see B. below.
        3c. JOSEPH, baptized 2 Oct.1692 at Irton.
        3d. SARAH, baptized 22 Dec.1695 at Irton; died 1776. Married 29 Jun.1718, at
              Irton, Daniel Jackson, having issue.
        3e. RACHEL, baptized 21 Feb.1696 at Irton. Married 28 Jun.1722, at Irton,
              Joseph Jackson.
        3f. HENRY, baptized 16 Oct.1698 at Irton; buried 7 Apr.1762 at Irton. Of
              Burnbooth. Married 20 Jul.1729, at Dean, Jane Fearon.
    2c. RICHARD. Married 7 Jun.1704 Sarah Bell.
    2d. ISAAC.
    2e. HENRY, died 1715. Will; probate Lancaster 18 Sep.1715. Of Park Yeate. Tanner;
          held estates at Park Yeate and Murthat. Married Isabell Walker (she died 1748),
          daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Walker of Sandback. Issue:
        3a. JONATHAN. Left home.
        3b. WILLIAM, baptized 15 Nov.1691 at Irton.
        3c. ELIZABETH, baptized 16 Dec.1694 at Irton. Married 7 May 1717, at Irton,
              Christopher Moor, of Cragg, Irton, Yeoman (he was born about 1694 and died
              1774, aged 80 years), having issue four sons and five daughters, including
              Dinah Moor, born 9 Mar.1718, who married 9 Jun.1745, at Irton William
(he was baptized 30 Apr.1724 at Egremont). See B. 4d. below.