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Canon Nigel Nicholson has worked for over 38 years, as a hobby, putting together a comprehensive collection of family trees for the Nicholson family library. In 1996 he published the current state of his research in a 500 page leather-bound book. Now, thanks to the contributions of many of our readers we are pleased to announce the publication of a second updated edition.

The latest edition contains nearly 400 family trees in two volumes (a total of 1200 pages) and is derived from original source material. A look at a sample page gives the reader the idea of the amount of loving research which has been done over the last three decades. All those who have come into contact with the books have commented on their fantastic detail. For more information as to the trees contained in the books please click Contents

This superb collection (a limited edition of 500 copies) can be yours for as little as 39.50 pounds sterling (incl P&P). Please go to the Order Page to make your order and for other currencies.
The book contains an amazing number of family trees, extending throughout the world, particularly of families originating in the British Isles but also embracing the United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The contents give clear areas of origin.
The family trees contain over 24,000 individual names, with notes pertaining to dates and places of birth, marriages and burials, occupations and other interesting details about their lives. Much detail has been extracted from wills, parish records, Census returns and other documents amassed over thirty five years of research.
The book contains clear and precise explanatory notes as to how to read the family trees, with a list of abbreviations, as well as a list of subscribers who have shared their family research with the Library and thus helped to produce the book. It provides the reader and family historian with extensive information to aid them in their own research.
Many of the coats of arms used by the Nicholson and Nicolson families are included in the publication. Above all, this is a treasury of the Nicholson/Nicolson family, and a must for every household that bears this name, or is in any way connected with it.
The Library was started by the Rev'd Canon Nigel Nicholson in 1968 as a one-name family study. Information has come in from all parts of the world and it was decided to publish what was becoming a vast collection of family trees. The work has been widely acclaimed (see Credits) and the Library has become a great resource for other researchers.
The NICHOLSON FAMILY LIBRARY is always willing to receive details of Nicholson and Nicolson families to add to the information available in the Library to help family historians to develop their own research. In the past we have had amazing success in linking up different branches of particular families and cousins have been found around the world.
Please e-mail us at, giving as many details as you can of your family, i.e. birth, marriage and death dates, information on education and career etc. If you decide to order a book and can give an indication of the origins of your family (see Contents), you will also be sent an update of any material which has come in since the publication of the book.